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It is really cold outside here today. I went to the post office to pick up some stamps and they told me that stamps were going up again May 12th. I purchased 5 books of the “forever” stamps. They were nearly out of them already. Now when the increase come, I am ready.  The increasing gas prices are affecting the prices of everything.  But hey, if we all stick together, we will survive! Right?

Come on in and grab a seat. My puppy has his toys all over the floor but if I pick them up, he will just haul them out again. LOL I Will fix you a mug of herbal tea and some chocolate cream cake. Yummy! There is quite a few things to chat with you  about today.





Tom Gerace is Gather’s Founder and CEO. He will be having a chat with gather members. The items to be discussed are limited to “Your suggestions on the new release” Tom, himself has written an article to tell you the details about the chat. The chat  will take place on Tuesday April 22nd. However, he wants to know more details from the Gather Community before that chat. So he has scheduled a chat for Today – Tuesday April 15th @  4:30 Eastern Standard Time. You can read more about this at Tom’s article here.






Are you having problems adjusting to the new changes on gather? Do you need help? Are you just frustrated and need to tell someone how you feel? The Gather Help Desk is the place to do that. They publish an article each day so you can post your concerns, likes, dislikes and problems. You will find the Help Desk here.







The five lucky contestants of The First Tracks Contest have been chosen. The judges have announced the winners!  The winners are Adam Ilami – ide  –  Jacob & Sita    –  Ryan Nicholas  &  Tommy Wallach . Congratulations to the winners!  The final round of voting will begin on April 21st and the winner will be announced on April 30th.   Look out for updates from the finalists all week as they prepare for their live performance. Sharifah has written an article with the winners listed. You can read her article here.







Do you remember the First Chapter Romance Contest that was held here on gather? The winner was Meredith McGuire.

Her first book is now published. She is using a pen name for her writing. The pen name is Meredith Duran. Gather is offering free copies of her new book if you will agree to read and review them. Get your copy by going to Christine M’s article. The title of her book is “The Duke Of Shadows.”  You can join the group The duke of shadows here.












Did you know that one in six people worldwide do not have regular access to safe drinking water? It is true and there are 3,800 children die – a day from related lack of clean water and sanitation problems.  Thosenumbers just break my heart.

Your shower and toilet consume over 70 percent of the water used in your home. By placing a brick in your toilet tank, you can save four gallons of water each time you flush.

Tuesday April 15th The Green “Big Ideas For  a Small Planet:Water” will be on the Sundance channel at 9:00 PM Eastern. At 9:30 PM Eastern time The Nuclear Comeback will be on the Sundance channel. To learn more about what you can do to help with the water problem and to learn more about The Green, go here.



The Green is  also running a contest. You simply submit your one minute short film or photo essay featuring your “Big Idea” on eco-solutions demonstrating how you work green, play green, eat green, or live green. This will be their second annual national contest.  You can find out more about this contest here.  The winner will be awarded a cash prize of $10,000 to help make their “big idea” a reality.







Are You Ready to be Awakened?

It is not too late to join in on the discussions . Millions of people from around the globe have experienced Oprah and Eckhart’s A New Earth classes. They’re transforming their lives and so can you. Reserve your seat-get access to the live webcast, your personal workbook, talk with others, and more! Or dive right in now and start catching up on past

Today, Tuesday April 15th @  7 PM Eastern time, Jennifer Hodge will be hosting “A new earth chapter 7 discussion.  This discussion will take place in  the “A New Earth” group. You can still download your FREE workbook here.  Chapter 7 starts with these words:  “Know Thyself. What those words imply is this: Before you ask any other question, first ask the most fundamental question of your life: Who am I?” This should be a great discussion. See you there.

It is also not too late to Join Oprah and best-selling author Eckhart Tolle every Monday night on Oprah.com. Ask your questions during the live class, save your thoughts in a customized workbook, connect with others who are seeking to become more aware of themselves, and other exclusive course materials.






 May 10th marks Amtrak anniversary of the completion of the first transcontinental railway at Promontory, Summit Utah in 1869. Gather will be celebrating all month with great contests and fun. The first contest is for the kids. 10 members will receive a copy of The little Choo-choo Book and Train Set!  First you will want to make sure you are a member of the All Aboard Group.  Have you kids draw trains and submit them to the group by Friday April 18th.  For more information, go to Christine M’s article here.  So give the kids those pencils and crayons and let the fun begin! Good luck!







A healthy diet for your child begins at pregnancy. Share your Nutritional tips – win a prize pack of books from Harvard Medical School.  Simply share your tips on how you get your kids to eat healthy in the comment field of the article Moms and Moms2B, Share Your Nutrition Tips – Win a Prize Pack of books from Harvard Medical School . Make sure you join the Moms2B group while you are there.  You could win a copy of these three books.













 1.  As spring begins to unfold and nature begins to change, we are drawn to the outdoors. Vivian P owns the group Outdoors Lovers and Happy Campers. In this group you will find some great photos as well as well written articles.

 2.  Gardening 101 is a  group for people who love to garden to come together to share stories, photos, video, phot essays and anything to do with the hobby of gardening. It is owned by Vicky Spring Fever D.

3.  All Things Kids is a group for anything and everything having to do with kids! Videos, images, articles, stories, whatever! It is owned by Victoria H.

4. Landscape Photograpy is a where you can share your gorgeous, awe inspiring landscape photos/videos and essays.  You can also go here to check out the beautiful articles and photos. It is owned by Lynn BooBoo C.





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I have a Question for you, A test of sorts: Are You A Member of the “A New Earth” Group?

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