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Good Wednesday morning to all you wonderful people in the Gather community. It is so cold here this morning. I think the weather skipped Autumn and went straight to winter.  Come to think of it, we did not really have any summer either.  What is your weather like?


 I would like to spotlight some of your “home for the holiday” posts.  If you would like yours spotlighted, please just add the link in the comment area below.  Now grab your jacket and lets tour the community to see what fun stuff we can find to get into.

I did find something very interesting to share with you:  The Surreal Circus is now running its semi-annual contest. This time it’s a a photo-manipulation (photoshopping) contest. As always, they are  offering some pretty good cash prizes.




Tips for the November Garden. Win a Free Book!


This post is filled with great information about preparing your garden for next year. Now is the time to order seed catalogs. Begin winter-pruning deciduous trees and shrubs, start renovating hedges, and prune greenhouse vines.

For your chance  to win a copy of DK’s Gardening Through the Year, all you have to do is share your information. Gather will draw one person to win. Comments must be posted by Monday, November 9th.





Win Fall Books for Foodies

Gather is giving away two fall books for foodies.  

For a chance to win, tell Gather a few things about your meals. Gather will draw three winners to receive two books.  Comments must be posted by Monday, November 9th








“The Coming Storm” Book Contest

I am running a contest and all you have to do is answer a few questions for your chance to win a copy of “The Coming Storm” by “Tracie Peterson”.











Free Giveaways – You Gotta Be In ‘Em To Win ‘Em


Stacey *Mamasaid* D. is sponsoring several contests. Check out her post for all the details.








Reviewers Needed for Hallmark Holiday Products!

 Gather is looking for 30 reviewers for the Hallmark Gold Crown holiday products.  I personally love Hallmark products so this is a great opportunity for Gather members.







Enter to Win a Trip Home for the Holidays for You or Someone You Love!


There’s no place like home for the holidays and we want to help you get there! Together with Hallmark Gold Crown stores, we’re giving away one trip home for the holidays this year. You can win either a trip home for yourself or you can have someone you care about come home to see you!







Submit your cat photos for our new partner ads!

If you’ve seen any of the Gather partner ads leading to the Pets group, you may recognize a few familiar faces. These ads feature Gather member pets. Gather is in the process of creating an additional set of ads to lead to the Pets group, and once again, we want your pets to be the stars!

This time around, we are featuring cat photos for the new ads.

For a chance to have your cat included in a Gather partner ad check out the post for all the details



Share a difficult moment. Win a copy of “My Life Outside the Ring”!




Gather is giving away copies of Hulk Hogan’s new book My Life Outside the ring. For a chance to win all you have to do is answer one quick question. Comments must be posted by Sunday, November 8th. Gather will draw two people to win.








Socialwrite: Testing A New Gather Program (and How You Can Get Involved)

The Socialwrite program is in its test phase and the participating writers are being compensated differently than other Gather members:

  1. Participants do not earn Gather points.  To the extent that they bring new people to Gather and increase our opportunity to earn additional revenue, they increase the points earning opportunity for other members, but they do not draw from the points pool themselves.
  2. Socialwriters are required to adhere to a program style guide for each post
  3. During this test, participants are compensated monthly solely on the unique audience each piece of their content generates for Gather
  4. During this test, participants can earn up to $450 each month

Currently, we are looking for Socialwriters in the following categories:

  • Sports
  • News
  • Politics
  • Entertainment
  • Food (recipes/holiday content)

If you are interested in applying for the test program, check out Tom’s post for all the details.




Win a DVD copy of “Enlighten Up!”


Gather is giving away three DVD copies Enlighten Up! For a chance to win all you have to do is answer one quick question. Comments must be posted by November 10th. Gather will draw three people to win.









Share the Reasons You Love Your Dogs for a Chance to in Gather Pointsâ„¢!

  • Gather will pull the top ten reasons in the Reasons You Love Your Dog List.
  • You could be one of 10 members to win 50 Gather Pointsâ„¢ for sharing their tips.
  • We’ll post the guide on Friday, November 6th and announce the winners then too!

Comments must be made by Friday, November 6th to be considered.



Do You want To Make More Points On Gather

One of the questions members frequently ask the Support team is for tips on how to get more views to their content so they can earn more points. An easy way to do this is by checking to see what is being searched for on the major search engines and to pick a topic that interests you from the list of top searched trends to write about.

The Google trends list is updated very regularly throughout the day.  MaryAnne be publishing this list daily to the Earn More Points and SEO groups. Feel free to check out these posts for ideas. If you write about one of the items on the hot trends list, and use the keywords that are being searched on, your content will be one of the items returned in the search engines and you’ll draw more viewers to your content.






Tom Gerace, CEO and Founder of Gather has submitted some great posts to help you with your Gather experience:





Amplifying Your Voice (or, If a tree falls in the forest, and only 1.3 million people hear it…)

Step 1: Find Something that You Love to Do

Step 2: Evaluate the Appeal of Your Topic

Step 3: Consider the Competition (and Learn from Them)

Step 4: Creating a Consistent Experience

Step 5: Using Gather Groups: Create, Curate or Both?

Step 6: Check the box, expand your reach


Are You New To Gather?

Welcome! I think you will find the Gather community a great source of information on just about anything. There are groups for food, music, writing, frugal living, couponing and everything in between. The Welcome To Gather group is a great place to start. It is a place where you can meet other new member on the site as well as seasoned members. The Welcome To Gather group goal is to help you learn your way around Gather and let you find friends who share your interests. Welcome!




This post is a place where your opinions are always welcome and you will always find a friend. I do read & try to acknowledge all comments . Keyword being “try”. Is there something that you would like to see changed on the “Today On Gather” posts?

Do you know of some exciting activity that is going on in the Gather Community? Please just let me know.

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