What Is Provigil? Modafinil? How to Get It?

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Provigil, what some are calling Viagra for the brain, has been lingering in the shadows for several years. But it’s about to skyrocket in sales thanks to a report by ABC World News.

The drug is said to increase brain performance to phenomenal levels and has been used by people with demanding jobs, from successful business leaders to fighter jet pilots. And, so far, no serious downsides have been noted.

At this stage in its distribution the drug now has a generic counterpart, called Modafinil, and the web is thriving with sites offering the drugs, with or without a prescription.

But, buyer beware. Obtaining Provigil legally by prescription is the only way to ensure quality.

Buying drugs online without a prescription is not only illegal, it’s dangerous since there is no guarantee as to what comes in the mail, if that even happens.

Online drug sales websites are notorious hacking farms out to get financial information and, often times, consumers end up with a wiped out bank account instead of medical relief.

It doesn’t seem to be too hard to get a doctor’s prescription, but it’s kind of puzzling why this drug hasn’t become more popular. In the ABC report, users are described as “a secret society of the successful.”

Looks like the secret is out.

What do you think? Would you try it? Do you use it already?

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