What is the Difference between Casey Anthony and Deborah Bradley?

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What is the difference between Deborah Bradley and Casey Anthony?

Deborah Bradley and her boyfriend the father of baby Lisa Irwin were on Dr. Phil last week. They were the parents in Kansas City Missouri whose baby girl came up missing last fall. It has been almost four months since little Lisa came up missing from her bedroom. Her father came home after his night shift to find lights on in the house and the front door unlocked. His girlfriend was sleeping along with her two sons and little Lisa was gone from her bed.

According to Deborah yes, she had been drunk the night before. She told Dr. Phil that had nothing to do with her daughter being missing. I being a recovering alcoholic may take issue with that. I think it is impossible to be a good parent when you are drinking alcoholically. I do understand where she would think that it was okay to get drunk after her kids were asleep. It may not be logical, but I understand that thinking.

Deborah and her boyfriend Jeremy cleared up so-called inconsistencies about the night of the abduction. She said that she may or may not have checked up on baby Lisa at 10:45. She did put her to bed early because she was not feeling well, at approximately 6:45. She said that the lights were not all blazing in the house. The lights that were on were a kitchen oven light, and a couple other small lights. She and her boyfriend would argue about leaving lights on. She was more inclined to leave lights on, wasting electricity according to her boyfriend.

Another inconsistency was the issue with the bedtime and when she last seen baby Lisa. Deborah explained that too. She also said that no one can remember every little thing that they did or said after so much time. I agree with her on that. It is ridiculous to expect anyone to remember everything perfectly. I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night or what time I went to bed. Did I leave any lights on? I usually leave a bathroom light on. What if I didn’t for some reason? When there is a crime, every little detail is suspect.

A very generous benefactor has paid a private detective to find baby Lisa. He was forthright in his opinion that in the beginning he had no doubt that one of them murdered their baby. He doesn’t believe that now. Bill Stanton said that when he first talked to the parents, he told them that he felt they were guilty. They begged him to just find their baby.

I will continue this in part two of this article. I first want to add that there is a huge difference between Casey Anthony and Deborah Bradley. Deborah Bradley was obviously very emotionally distraught over the loss of her baby. You could tell that she loved her little girl very much. She may have problems, such as alcoholism, I don’t know, but it was obvious that she loved her children. Casey Anthony on the other hand didn’t even have the brains to fake emotion over the loss of her little precious Caylee Anthony.


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