What is the Kitchen Tricks, Hints & Tips Group…and what it isn’t….

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Please, please, please…..read this!  I just sent out a letter to the membership yesterday, but it seems it is not being read.

I hate to decline articles submitted to our “Kitchen Tricks, Hints & Tips” group, but we keep receiving articles that do not comform to the purpose of this group.

Please pay attention to the group description!!! (see below)

The main thing to remember is that we only accept hints or tip articles or a recipe that shows a definite trick or simple way to do a chore easier, cut out extra work, or a new technique or new idea for doing a traditional job.

ONLY kitchen/food/cooking related tricks, hints or tips. 

This is NOT just a recipe site group, so don’t just send a recipe… there are many other groups in Gather that accept just recipes.

This is not necessarily just a frugal group or a cook on the cheap group.

For an article with a recipe to be accepted, is has to show some sort of technique, or simple way to do a particular job or ways to save time in the kitchen. The technique, hint or tip is the main focus, NOT the recipe …..It has to be either original by the member who contributed it, or it has to have a legitimate source clearly stated.

No plagiarism allowed. That also means that we will not accept something taken from a newspaper, magazine, website, etc., if it has just been cut and pasted with no source available.

It has to show a source, regardless of where it comes from, including your Nana or Aunt Lily.

This is NOT a group for family, pets, flowers or snow bunny photographs or ANY photographs except for those that show a cooking technique, trick, hint or tip or illustrating the recipe that mentions the technique, hint or trick!

I’ve had to delete too many photos that are not even food related, much less showing a cooking technique.

PLEASE READ: group description
There are many little simple ideas, tricks, hints and tips that can make cooking fun and cut some time off from long involved preparations – come and share yours! You CAN post a recipe IF it illustrates a particular cooking technique.

Suggested group Tags: kitchen tips, hints, great ideas, fun cooking, easy cooking, cooking, tricks

Only simple ideas, tricks, hints and tips that can help cut down on long preparations, add to your enjoyment of cooking and still come up with spectacular results. Please, this is NOT the place for posting only a recipe, UNLESS the recipe is directly related to a hint or tip being given…..

I know I’m repeating myself, but please do pay attention to the group’s description.

Thank you for your cooperation!

We welcome new members, but please ask you play by the rules!

“Kitchen Tricks, Hints & Tips”


PS… please don’t be offended when I delete articles or photos that don’t fit the guidelines of the group

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