What Is The Most Accurate Tabloid?

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Ever wonder if there’s just a teeny bit of truth to some of the information in the tabloids? Well, a study was just completed of five of the major tabloids to see which was the most truthful when it comes to some falsifiable rumors.   

The results of the study are based on tabloid covers from 2009 through the first eight months of 2010. The “researchers” then took these tabloid rumors to find out which were true or false. That data was then used to estimate the accuracy of each magazine’s story, according to Gawker. 

Now, here are the rumors that the tests were based on: pregnancies, marriages, break-ups, engagements, adoptions, and reconciliations 

Here are the results of the tests: 

US Weekly had a cover accuracy of 35%, and an overall accuracy of 59%

Life & Style had a cover accuracy of 25%, and an overall accuracy of 34%

In Touch had a cover accuracy of 9%, and an overall accuracy of 21%

OK! had a cover accuracy of 7%, and an overall accuracy of 14%

Star had a cover accuracy of 9%, and an overall accuracy of 12% 

It should be mentioned that America’s largest celebrity gossip magazine, “People,” was not tested since they are notorious for publishing unconfirmed rumors, and rely simply on publicist’s information. 

Now, everybody knows to take any tabloid with a grain of salt, but this information is a little surprising. The best cover accuracy rating was “US Weekly” with a measly 35%. That’s pretty sad, even for a gossip magazine. Obviously, these magazines print rumors because it makes them money, but aren’t celebrities lives dramatic enough? It seems that there is enough true gossip out there that printing false rumors are just a waste of everybody’s time.


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