What Kind of People Support Ron Paul?

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Ron Paul is doing well in the race for the GOP Presidential nomination even though he’s still in fourth place. He finished a close second behind Mitt Romney in Maine’s caucus this weekend, but still could manage to win that one.

He could still win Maine because one county postponed their caucus. Washington county’s caucus will be held on Saturday, February 18. It was postponed due to weather. One thing is for sure, Paul supporters are very…tenacious. If he rallies his supporters and they come out in full-force for him, he just might be able to pull off a win finally.

What kind of person supports Ron Paul so fervently? Well, for one, the guy that shot his daughter’s laptop because she posted a snotty post on Facebook.

Police visited Tommy Jordan after the video of him shooting his daughter’s laptop with a .45 pistol went viral. Perhaps he needs a psychiatric evaluation too because allegedly his daughter has only been living with him for 6 months. He and his ex-wife are divorced. Gee, I wonder why. Could it be his anger management issues? If he’s shooting the daughter’s laptop after 6 short months, what is going to happen to the 15-year-old before she reaches age 18?

The daughter was being a little brat, no disputing that. And Jordan has received much praise from parents across the nation for his actions. However, this guy is clearly a few cards short of a full deck, sort of like his choice for President. Both men may sound appealing but do you really want to live with either of them?

Father Shoots Daughter's Laptop After She Criticizes Him on Facebook

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