What Lady Gaga Brings to the MTV VMAs

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As the big show looms, Lady Gaga gets ready to put on a show at the MTV VMAs — something she does oh-so-well no matter what stage she happens to be commanding. Meanwhile, for this particular event, Mother Monster was ready long before the curtain parted for her opening act.

In fact, when MTV asked this epic performance artist what she planned to do on stage at the Nokia Theater, Gaga said, “I’m pretty good at knowing what my fans want me to do.”

That expressed (which is, obviously, an extremely oblique comment), Mother Monster is sure to entertain her Little Monsters with yet another amazing song, yet another amazing performance, and yet another amazing get-up. After all, who can forget her Paparazzi act in 2009 when she was soaked in blood? And what about last year’s meat dress, the talk of the MTV VMAs for 2011?

This year, as Lady Gaga is booked to be the opening act for the MTV VMAs 2011, everyone who is even curious (yes, you don’t have to be a rabid fan to be intrigued) will be glued to the small screen as this unpredictable performer brings her best and wackiest concepts to the world via a show that is all about music. And, in Lady Gaga’s case, about fashion as well.

With that being said, will you be watching as Lady Gaga opens the MTV VMAs for 2011? What do you think she will sing and what do you think she will wear? Thoughts? Thanks?

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