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Today I went to work out at the gym. The couple we live with their daughter has a gym membership and they get to have a guess go with them unlimited number of times. Today was our first day we worked out she did her thing I did mine we had a great work out for a hour. I worked on my arms and abs.

Next we went to her college and ate lunch she has class until after 330 so I got to sit at the computer for hours. Which is something that I haven’t been able to do since before we moved. I sit in the computer area and I blend in with these young college age kids. I’m 29 they are mostly 21-25 lol I always look younger. It’s a curse to be honest because no one takes me seriously. Except for when I’m here they treat me like I’m some random college student since I blend in lol  Buying lunch at the college cafe is always fun which by the way I paid for with what I earned from gather. not the entire 25 was spend on lunch only 6 dollars of it. I had chicken sandwich with fries and a green ice tea.

Adam dropped bella off at school today then he picked her up. I think he has a alternative motive behind it all but I’ll take it. It’s like I have to pull teeth to get him to help get around anywhere before 12. He has been trying lately to spend time with me see my other post about issues we been having.  He’s also been spending time with me and being more helpful with out my nagging him. He’s also more motivated to look for work since his last interview which he didn’t get the job he got another one of those phone calls that they decided to go with another direction.

I did miss my therapist appointment it was set for today at 10 am but I was at the gym working out while she showed up, Adam called me on my friends phone cause we don’t have cell phones and I was told by my therapist I have one freebie I get to go to the office next week. Out of pure guilt I decided to work out for a hour. As she’s always on me about physical exercise is good for people with post traumatic stress.

I got to be me today. I got a day off from playing mommy. I even dyed my hair blond the other day. things are starting to look up slowly. I’ll take what I can get and call it happiness moments.



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