What Naples, Italy taught me about the USA

While traveling through Italy, I learned to hold my breath, walk vigorously, and respect the garbage collector. I recently returned from Naples, and I learned that Americans are spoiled rotten. We drive our big cars and fill them up with cheap gas. In Naples, they drive scooters if they’re lucky, and step over garbage.

I don’t know if the garbage man ever arrived on the streets of Naples, but I know the rats are out in force. There is no smoking in restaurants, but most people eat in street cafes where smoking is allowed. Smoking is so prevalent that only the smell of rotting garbage is better than the smoke of an Italian’s cigar.

One interesting thing I saw there was there were few if any fat women. Naples is full of sexy, skinny women who walk a lot. The men are fatter than the women at least that is what I saw.

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