What Nude Kate Middleton Photos? Danish Magazine Feigns Innocence

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What Kate Middleton nude photos claims Danish magazine, Se Og Hor. The publication is actually denying they printed pictures of Kate without her bikini bottoms on. They do realize that once something is printed and put out on the internet it is never going away? Sure they probably regret their actions now, but denial is not exactly a viable defense at this point in the game.

A rep for the magazine sent out an email denying their involvement in the recent publication of the nude photos, “Apparently there has been rumors in several international Media that weekly magazine SE og HØR this week (September 27th) has published new topless and nude pictures of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. This is not correct.” Okay, to be fair, Kate was not “nude” per se in the pictures, but photos of her without her bottoms combined with the photos of her without her top on, add up to being nude.

If the tabloid did not publish the photos, how did some sites get scans of the magazine’s pages with the pictures? You would assume the proof is in the print, but in this day and age of photoshopping, the truth is not always so clear. The eyes do lie nowadays.

According to Huffington Post, the situation is a complete, utter mess. Basically, there are several sites that have put themselves in the path of the Royal Family’s wrath and everybody is pointing the finger at everybody else. Gawker tries to explain the situation, but really, it only confuses the matter more. It is “unclear is whether Se Og Hor published the more revealing pics over a week ago — and we somehow failed to notice — or if Henningsen is denying that the tabloid published the images at all.”

Wow! Good luck to Kate Middleton and her team of legal eagles in trying to figure out who they should sue.

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