What Selena Gomez and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Want You to Vote For

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What are Selena Gomez and Joseph Gordon-Levitt urging people to vote for in November? Is it Mitt Romney? Barack Obama? A new ad campaign featuring both of these celebrities promotes a pretty unique idea–just vote.

According to a report from Hollywood.com, some pretty big Hollywood celebr~ Selena gomez ~ities are touting both major candidates for the presidential election. Samuel L. Jackson just released one that disses Mitt Romney–replete with expletives, too.

In an attempt at urging some voting in a non-partisan manner, a group of celebrities made a video simply urging people to vote. Called Vote 4 Stuff, the celebrities don’t even mention the names of presidential candidates at all. They simply urge people to vote for ‘stuff.’ In fact, they say you can vote for anything at all.

So what would some of these celebrities vote for if they really could vote for anything at all?

“Dogs would pick up my poop with a plastic bag. See how they like it,” Jonah Hill, who is also in the clip, says.

“North Carolina and South Carolina would have to come up with their own original unique names. I think that should apply to the Dakotas as well,” Edward Norton says.

You can see the list of votes that each of the Vote 4 Stuff members would vote for by clicking on the Hollywood.com link above. You can also check out the ad, featuring Selena Gomez, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and other celebrities by clicking on that link, too.

So now that you’ve watched Selena, Joseph and the rest of the gang touting Vote 4 Stuff, what do you want to vote for?

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