What Sequester? Joe Biden Racks Up Over A Million Dollars for Two Nights in Europe

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Vice President Joe Biden and his entourage enjoyed the high life in two separate five-star hotels in London and Paris in February. A State Department official said the costs are “nothing out of the ordinary,” which implies that this ridiculous expense is the norm and shows just how out of touch the federal government is with America.


Meghan Keneally from the Daily Mail reports that “the contract for the London trip specifies that the Vice President’s crew required 136 hotel rooms for the evening, so it is fair to assume that they needed a similar—if not the exact same—number in Paris for the next leg of the trip.” How much security does the Vice President need, exactly?

While speaking of the sequester at the Disabled American Veterans’ National Convention in Las Vegas in August, Biden blamed the GOP for engaging in “scare tactics” and putting “the interest of millionaires and billionaires…ahead of the immediate needs of the military and the middle class.” He also lamented that Republicans “brought us to the edge of defaulting on our federal debt.” Puhleez. Did it ever occur to the Vice President that this political rhetoric is one of the reasons America has become so polarized?

Watch Joe Biden’s comments here:

The audacity of these officials continually lamenting about the need for more taxes while happily living like kings and queens on the taxpayers’ dime is hypocritical, to say the least. One would think that they would, at the very least, consider the appearance their many luxuries.

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