What Ticks Me Off About the Whole John Edwards Thing…

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It's not that he cheated on his wife.  I'm too jaded to be worried about some stupid guy that can't keep it in his pants.  The fact that a powerful politician cheated on his wife is not a big surprise.  Hell, McCain left his sick wife for his mistress after all.  It's not like it means anything anymore.

 It's not that this reflects poorly on the Democratic party.  Again, look at the Republican nominee's personal life.  People who hate Democrats will still hate democrats.  Democrats themselves won't care. 

It's the fact that the Friggin NATIONAL ENQUIRER actually broke the story.  The NATIONAL ENQUIRER.  A trash magazine with a history of creating fake news, editing photos to match their fake stories, and running rumors as facts.  And it wasn't even from good journalism, either.  I can almost imagine how this went down.

 *A writer for NE is hanging out and sees John Edwards, alone, at a hotel.  He sees him talking to a woman, and the two walk off together.  His mind gets an idea for a story.  He figures out she is Rielle Hunter, the flighty but otherwise known videographer that was working on a Edwards documentary.  Well, on the surface he has a legitimate reason to meet with her.  But hey, she is a bottle blonde and pretty enough to make good tabloid fodder.  So let's play What if for a minute.  Politician…pretty blonde…hotel…AFFAIR!"

 So he runs with it and, since NE doesn't actually CARE about verifying its sources, they run it.  Thing is, this time it was actually right.


 You know what this means now, don't you?  It means we have to now listen to idiots quote National Enquirer and Sun Magazines as news sources now.  Because they got one story right out of ten thousand, now every loon that ever bought a tabloid because it had a picture of a celebrity in an embarassing position on the cover will think these are legitimate news sources.  THIS is what ticks me off.  This story has validated the trailer-park trash crowds obsession with trash magazines.  And now the next time an article appears with a title OBAMA IS LOVE CHILD OF BAT BOY AND MODEL or MCCAIN PLEDGES TO HELP MARTIANS RECLAIM ANCIENT SPACESHIP IN IRAN they are going to take this as FACT.  And there will be no arguing with them, because when you point out that nobody else is covering these stories they will say "Yeah, well where was the New York Times when National Enquirer broke the Edwards story, huh?"

And this is what ticks me off the most…

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