What time are the football games today? Reports on AFC & NFC championships

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In sports news, fans are wondering the important question: “What time are the football games today?” They are of course referring to NFL playoff football, with two games of major implications.  On Sunday, January 24th, the NFL will see its two Superbowl teams officially decided as the AFC and NFC championship games go down.  They will be aired on different channels, with the AFC game followed by the NFC game.  In one contest, the Jets take on the Colts (see game time) in Indianapolis for the AFC Championship.  Meanwhile, for the NFC we’ll see the Minnesota Vikings battle the New Orleans Saints (game time) for NFC supremacy.  The two winning teams meet in the Superbowl in several weeks.

Indianapolis seems to be the favorite to triumph over the New York Jets, who have been a surprising contender in the playoffs.  They advanced by defeating the Cincinnati Bengals and then the favored San Diego Chargers.  Many are now wondering if they have what it takes to overcome Peyton Manning and the Colts.

On the other side there is likely to be one interesting battle of quarterbacks and offensive talent.  Minnesota has the services of veteran QB and former superbowl winner, Brett Favre.  He’s also got the rushing attack of Adrien Peterson on the ground.  For the Saints, you’ve got Drew Brees at quarterback, and Reggie Bush as a running back.  Both teams seem ready to put up big numbers, although Minnesota was able to effectively stop Dallas with their D last week.  It leaves you wondering if Minnesota will be victorious here, or the high-octane offense of the Saints?

So if you’re wondering what time are the football games today, they should start after 2PM EST in the afternoon and wrap up towards 9 or 10PM tonight.  By that time we’ll have the two official Superbowl competitors, and the AFC/NFC Championship merchandise will be available on QVC or online.

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