What Time Does Super Bowl 2012 Start, What Time’s Kick Off?

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What time does the Super Bowl 2012 start? The event actually starts at 6 pm, with all types of pre-Super Bowl shows on the air leading up to the event. The actual kick-off time for the Super Bowl is a 6:29 pm EST. Tune into your NBC Channel to see the game, with other pre-game predictions and talk venues going on different channels on Sunday.

The Super Bowl opening ceremony starts at 6pm, this is when the teams, coaches and other game officials get introduced. NESN reports that it isn’t until 6:29 pm that the game is actually in play with the kick-off, so if you are a little late getting to the 6 pm Super Bowl party, you’ll still be in time to watch the first play of the game.

If you’re just interested in watching the Madonna Half-Time Show, play it safe and get in front of the TV at 8 pm. You might need to wait as long as 15 minutes or so, but the exact time for the start of this show is impossible to predict due to the different time out’s in the first half of the show. The time for this event to start is largely dependant on how many times and for how long the game clock gets stopped during the first half, according to Pop Crush.

With each quarter being only 15 minutes and the half-time show slated for 12 minutes, a novice might think that the Super Bowl lasts an hour and 12 minutes, with the four quarters and half-time break. The event’s duration is much longer due to all the stops of the game clock.

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