What Time is Tiger Woods’ Press Conference? Watch It Live Here!

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Tiger Woods’ “press conference” will finally be held today, during which he will speak about his recent sex scandal and ensuing treatment for sex addiction.  And hopefully, he’ll give us some clue as to when he plans to return to golf.  The “State of the Tiger Address” will occur at 11 am EST this morning.  You can watch it live on this page when it occurs.

This is not really a press conference, mind you.  After reading his statement in a room with family and friends, he will not take any questions from reporters.  Actually, as I understand it, the press is being kept in another room entirely.

I have to agree with Roland Martin, who says that Tiger Woods doesn’t owe most of us – least of all the press – a damn thing.  This is the personal, private business of him and his family, and they are really the only ones he owes any sort of explanation or apology to.  He broke no laws in cheating on his wife.  There’s no reason he should be, or ever should have been, a role model to anyone except for his qualities that make him a great competitor.

The only reason her needs to apologize, and the only reason Tiger Woods’ press conference is taking place, is the reality that to a large degree, the media will control the public’s perception of him at least until he finally tees off again in competition, and they want to see him squirm and answer their sanctimonious questions.  They expect him to suck up and grovel to them, and answer all sorts of questions he needn’t answer, or else they’ll continue painting him as a selfish brat.  What about the media’s needs, after all?!

We’ll see how the media will treat him after refusing to take their questions – should be interesting.

Anyways, I’m interested to see how this will go.  Stick around to watch it stream live here:


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