What to do about Israel

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“[…Daniel Levy, director of the Middle East Task Force at the New
America Foundation and a member of J Street, said in an interview:
‘America has three choices. Either say, it’s politically too hot a
potato to touch, and just pay the consequences in the rest of the world.
Or try to force through a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians,
so that the Palestinian grievance issue is no longer a driving force or
problem.’ The third choice, he said, ‘is for America to say, we can’t
solve it, but we can’t pay the consequences, so we will distance
ourselves from Israel. That way America would no longer be seen, as it
has been this week, as the enabler of excesses of Israeli misbehavior.’

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Levy advocates the second choice. But he warns
that the third may become more palatable to Americans if Mr. Netanyahu’s
government stays on its present course.”



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