What to Expect from the Rubio Speech Following the State of the Union Tonight

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Marco Rubio is delivering the GOP response to the President’s State of the Union address tonight. The Rubio speech has been in preparation for weeks and will be broadcast in English and Spanish. He is expected to talk about the economy and reach out to Hispanic voters. It is going to take a lot more than broadcasting in Spanish to get the Hispanic vote. There has to be action behind those Spanish words.

Just how reliable are the words of this “Republican Savior?” Well, not very.

His “son of exiles” story was deflated by the Washington Post in 2011. He repeatedly told the story of his Cuban parents being forced off the island when Fidel Castro came into power. Documents reveal that his parents received their permanent U.S. residency two and a half years before Castro took charge. The fictional story was and still is in his biography on his Senate page. His current Senate bio page reads, “my parents who left Cuba in 1956 and, after Fidel Castro solidified his communist grip.”

Rubio also “mistakenly” spent thousands of personal dollars on the GOP credit card in 2010. A mistake? It was $100,000 over a two-year period!

Charges include repairs to his minivan, plane tickets for his wife, as well as grocery, Apple online store and wine purchases. He paid back some of the charges. Listen to this excuse, he says the minivan was damaged by a valet at a GOP event. And he is so bold as to say that the charges are “all related to party business.” That’s some party those Republicans have there. Are you considering joining the Republican party right now so that maybe they’ll buy you a bottle of wine or equip your family vehicle with a new set of tires? After all, if your family vehicle drove you to the voting booth to cast your vote for a GOP candidate, isn’t that “GOP party business?”

If the charges were all “party business,” why would he bother to pay any of them back?

This is not a party that should be in charge of money. You work too hard for you money to hand it over to these guys so they can buy cheese and wine with it. And the same people that gladly hand over their money to this party for expenditures such as this complain when their tax dollars go to feed hungry kids or pay for a poor person’s health care. Yet, it’s perfectly fine to have their money paying to feed the Rubio family. After all, he is the mouth of the Republican party, at least for tonight.

A piece of advice, don’t listen to this (or any) Rubio speech too closely because after a few minutes of internet research, facts will undoubtedly be proven lies.

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