What Tony Bennet Wishes He Would Have Told Amy Winehouse

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Tony Bennet was the last artist to record a song with the late Amy Winehouse. During the MTV Music Video Awards, footage of the two singing Body and Soul was shown and a tribute to Winehouse was given.

Bennet recently talked with 20/20 about his time with Amy and some of the things that he wished he would have told the singer.

Amy’s struggles with drugs and alcohol were no secret to the public or to those close to her. Bennet said he could relate to what Amy Winehouse was going through, having been down that road. When another artist spoke to him about the problem, it helped him to slow down and get his career back on track.

The one thing he wishes he could have told Winehouse was, “She sang beautifully and then I just regretted that I wasn’t able to tell her to slow down.”

Would those wise words have meant anything to Amy? Perhaps. The singer was reportedly overjoyed to be working with the legend. Often, we seldom listen to friends or family when they tell us things, but just maybe those same words would have meant something coming from Bennet.

After her death, Winehouse set an album record in the U.K.

Bennet’s album Duets II will be released soon and has duets with not only Amy Winehouse, but also Queen Latifah, Lady Gaga, and Sheryl Crow. That sounds like quite an ensemble!

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