What would it take to shake off the health care handcuffs?

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Health care is on my mind, thanks to the Policy and a Pint: Health Care Handcuffs event. The event description has given me quite a bit to think about:

It wasn’t that long ago that the suggestion of state-managed healthcare was branded as “socialism.” Today the question of how to deliver health care to all Americans is still a significant challenge. Join us to talk about how healthcare got tied to employment in the first place, how unlocking it would change things up, and what all this might do to the economy — and your job.

That’s a big topic to tackle even with experts and over a good beer. I’d like to continue the discussion here and see if we as individuals can hammer it out. What is your story?

  • Are you bound to your employer by “health care handcuffs?”
  • How could the healthcare system be revamped, and what would change?
  • How would state-managed healthcare change the economy?

Julia Schrenkler

Minnesota Public Radio Interactive Producer


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