What's the Point?

Seems like, not long ago, points mainly counted in games.  I don't know much about sports, but in baseball there's points for a home run or a single or triple or whatever.  Basketball there's so many points from the position you make your basket from or …?.

Then there were the old board games.  Scrabble: you got so many points for your words and more points if your letter landed on a certain square.  In any case, whoever got the most points won, and that was that.  The loser hopefully wouldn't be sore and then try to do better next time.

Now, points are for much more than games.  Commercials for credit cards boast how, if you use their card, you can get points for everything from gift certificates to your favorite restaraunt to putting them towards an airline trip.

They say you get "brownie points" if you are extra nice to your boss or teacher.

On line, one gets "points" in certain online accounts for doing surveys, for buying things through other websites, goodness, there's even some sort of point system here on Gather that I can't say as I really understand.

What will we get points for next?  How many times we've been married?  How many kids we have?  Do we spend so much time gaining "points" of one kind or another that we miss things that are more important?  I hope not…

I mean, really, what's the point?  I seriously don't think the points I got on my Mastercard are going to count when I stand before my Lord.

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