What’s Up With the Upside Down Moon? (Video)

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Ever heard of an upside down moon? A new video on YouTube shows the freaky phenomenon and it’s enough to make anyone wonder why this happens.

Of course, this being 2012, there are plenty of viewers who may see this as a sign of impending doom. Turns out, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.

The nearly one minute video shows the “Upside Down Moon” which, to most people in the US, is a sight never seen. That’s because North America is situated in the northern hemisphere. Duh…

According to the Wikipedia article about the phases of the moon, it’s merely the opposite of the moon’s waxing or waning as it passes from new to full moon. It’s just the consequence of being “down under” rather than “up over” so it’s logical.

The question is, doesn’t the YouTube user know this? The cameraman states right in the description that they’ve “never noticed one upside down looking before.” How can that be?

It’s probably a consequence of seeing spooks around every corner, the closer the world gets to Doomsday 2012. Which doesn’t make it a UFO, as this is definitely not an unidentified flying object.

But it is pretty cool!

Have a look:

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