Wheels – Ghazal for Mindful Poetry- April 13th,2012

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Can it be this dream is but the spoke within our wheel?

The many spokes that guide and support our endless wheel


Endless as the waves that kiss the shores of life, reveal

Like the ocean, deep and wide, our journey upon this wheel


Secrets beneath placid swells break through the surface seal

Feel the salty water of our bonds on spokes within our wheel


It seems at times we fish and cast without luck, a saddened feel

And other times we catch the prize that lights our Ferris wheel


Then give our love and care as best we can,trying hard not to conceal

But as the clouds of rain that feed the ocean like meals on wheel


We brake in thunder’s passion, sailing off, wind-blown without a keel

Now memories; a voyage upon the ocean with a spoke, broken in our wheel


Yet, the vastness of the ocean spreading to give the sky its zeal

Realizes eternity’s waters will cleanse our wheel within a wheel




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RICHARD LYNN LIVESAY - Poet/Artist•Born 1943 Lubbock, Texas, lives in Greenville, SC• Education: U. of Ariz., Lubbock Christian College, Texas Tech U.• Careers: Art, Medical, Transportation, Entertainment• Curr

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