When Faith and Politics Part Company….The Erosion of the Rights of All Americans

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Dear Fellow Michiganders:
Help stop Planned Parenthood of Michigan sneak through a package of bills called “Prevention First”. In reading this notice through try to see the many ways that these bills can be used to aid Planned Parenthood in its mission to push for abortions as a primary option. These are just a synopsis of the bills sent out by Planned Parenthood themselves in an E-mail and I shudder to read the balance. In my viewpoint they give Planned Parent and the government much too much input into the private lives of its citizens and into what is taught to our children.


What’s At Stake:
HB 5155 and HB 5165:  These bills require all health facilities or agencies that provide emergency or urgent care to promptly offer emergency contraception (EC) to survivors of sexual assault. This bill passed out of the House Judiciary Committee last Fall with bipartisan support. In addition, this bill passed the full House floor with bipartisan support in 2008.

 HB 5163:  This bill requires factual information presented in sex education course material to be age appropriate, medically accurate and objective.  This bill passed out of the House Judiciary Committee last Fall with bipartisan support.   

 HB 5164:  This bill requires pharmacy’s to fill all Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved prescriptions without bias or delay.  (From the PPOM Notice)

As an American, a Democrat and a Catholic I cannot ethically support any of these measures. The right to an abortion has been decided. It is a “choice”. These bills would take away the “choice” of hospitals, physicians, pharmacists, educators to conduct business on their own personal set of values and force them to participate and support what can only be described as the agenda of Planned Parenthood.
That would be un-American. It is not right to force an American to choose between their job and their souls either in a Pharmacy or a Physician’s Office.
If you share my view of this legislation please contact your State Representative and let him know you would like him/her to vote NO and STOP “PREVENTION FIRST”.
********Please note that I am not a member to “Right To Life”. Nor do I support its methods and this letter is unsolicited by them or the Catholic Church. This is about the erosion of the rights of all Americans and not the sinful nature of abortion.**********
If you are unaware of who your State Rep is you can go to  house.mi.gov – Find a Representative

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