When ‘I love you’ Isn’t Enough.

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My husband and I have a special term we use to let each other know how in love we are with the other.  The term is La-la.  To us, it means more than “I love you.”  When we first met, we knew that we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together and “I love you” just didn’t put into words how much we cared for one another.  We tried to think of something that would be good enough to say how we felt.  There weren’t any words that we could think of to express our love, but we knew we had to think of something.

My daddy brought me up listening to old school music: Motown, The Four Tops, The Tams, The Commodores, and the list goes on and on.  He always had oldies on CD and I was always going through them and playing them and discovering which ones I liked.  After I met my love, I figured that if I were going to come up with anything to describe our feelings, it would be in one of Daddy’s old love albums.  Sure enough, as I was looking through the titles on the back of one of his mix albums, I came across the perfect phrase.

I’ve never even listened to the whole song, have no idea what the words are other than the chorus which is the title.  All I know is who sings it and it’s name and that the simple title inspired our words of endearment towards one another for 8 years now.  The name of the song?  La-La Means I Love You by The Delfonics.

So, maybe next time when “I love you” just isn’t enough for the love of your life, tell him La-la.  And when he asks you what that is, just tell him words weren’t enough.

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