When In Rome

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I was lucky enough to see a free sneak preview tonight of “When In Rome,” the new Kristen Bell movie that I think opens in January.

As with all romantic comedies, this movie is good, but not great. It’s enjoyable: funny, cute and sweet yet predictable.

The basic plot is that Beth (Bell) is a hard-working woman who is fantastic at her job but unlucky in love. She finds out that her younger sister (Alexis Dziena – an actress I REALLY dislike) has fallen in love and gotten engaged in the span of 2 weeks. Cut to the wedding – 2 days later in Italy – and Beth meets the Best Man, Nick (hottie Josh Duhamel).

Realizing that she is completely unlucky in love, Beth steals some coins out of a famous “fountain of love” only to activate a spell: the “owners” of the coins – the people who made the wish – will fall in love with her. This, of course, causes hilarity and chaos, as she is pursued by a group of oddballs played by an uncredited Danny DeVito, Jon Heder, Will Arnett and Dax Shepard. It also features Anjelica Houston and I believe Don Johnson (also uncredited).

I think this is one that could definitely wait until DVD/On Demand, but it’s worth seeing. It’s very cute and has some really laugh-out-loud moments!!

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