When Issuing Imprecatory Death Prayers, Does Spelling Count?

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When Issuing Imprecatory Death Prayers, Does Spelling Count?

This is the latest manifestation of the sickness of the Theocratic Right. Let me add that therapeutic intention (the ability of an individual to affect the wellbeing of another organism) has been well established in literally hundreds of studies (go to my personal website where you can download at no cost a bibliography that Larry Dossey and I prepared of this entire literature). So I take this sort of thing quite seriously. These studies show that negative intention does indeed have the power to reduce the wellbeing of the target organism.

I think it is time to stand up and say that the Theocratic American Right is not, in fact, a Christian movement. It represents a perversion of Jesus’ teaching, and should properly be called Pre-millennial Dispensational Darbyism.

These are the people who are behind the bills introduced throughout the United States whose principal function is to degrade the quality of women’s lives.

Stephan A. Schwartz, www.schwartzreport.net


It seems that I cannot say this often enough – I am not anti-religion nor anti-Christian, but I am completely and totally anti-extremism. One of the latest hatemails that we received at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation illustrates the type of person I am referring to when I talk about political Christians aka members of the bible-based cult of Christian Dominionism.

These homegrown extremists have been indoctrinated by this cult to believe a plethora of falsehoods ranging from claiming America was founded as an exclusively Christian Nation to the notion that the ‘right kind of Christian” is one that is Born Again and follows a specific set of rules laid out not by God, but by their leaders. These people seek to dominate American culture by extinguishing secular humanism and replacing it with a theocracy. Evidence of this abounds, especially in this 2012 election year as we are hearing …

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