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 On such nights when the moon absconds
To some unknown recess
Dark heavens overhead appear
A colander perforated.
Pinpoints of light filter through
Darkness finely sieved
A brief shufti to marvel at
Higher planes tongue in cheek.
Clustered locales of tiny lights
With bright spots interlaced
Halls, manors, residences of
Distant tenants, a discrete race

Confined to penitentiary of silence
Where even whispers do not exist
Observation seems finely honed
Sharpened by a sense deceased.
Culpable sight at this gain overcomes
Prejudice of distracting sound
That otherwise it proverbially follows
Camel like through the needle's eye
On such nights minds eye is
On that road to Damascus again
Blinded by blazing dilemmas awaits
Healing of biased sight

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