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As long as we continue to wanna this, or wanna that, civilization on this planet will continue to decline, and we will be increasingly unhappy.

The bastardization of a society's language is the first sign of the society's demise.  When we as a people lose sight of all standards of decency, and of excellence, we will continue to decline, we will come to naught, and in time will be replaced by something better.

The first to go is our language, then our institutions, then our principles.  What now, is left.  We have turned our backs on God.  We have hit bottom; there is no where else to go but up.

Neither church, nor temple, nor mosque can save us.  Government has failed us, we can no longer trust our banks or big business.  Our economy is in a shambles, employment is not guaranteed, our educational institutions no longer educate.  We no longer win wars; everybody loses.   We wallow in our ignorance and our godlessness.

So where are we gonna go, what do we wanna do?  It's up to us.  The answer is out there.

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