Where Did Brad Pitt Put His Beard? Beard Gone Missing – Details Here! (PHOTO)

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What happened to Brad Pitt’s beard? That scraggly little appendage of hair that has been living and growing on his chin for the last year or so is no longer in sight. Where could it have gone? What would have prompted such a fierce change to his looks?

It’s not all gone, mind you. Just a bit of it remains but what is there is quite ‘ruly’ and trimmed nicely. He almost looks like an upstanding member of the human race instead of a forgotten extra from THE GRAPES OF WRATH. Guess Angelina got sick of it and told him to get rid of it?

“It’s boredom. No other reason than that,” Pitt had responded in the past to queries about the beard. Really? Boredom? You move constantly, you have six kids and one of the most adventurous actress/wives in Hollywood history? And you’re bored?

Wow! I am making a public plea right here and now with the headline STRUGGLING SCREENWRITER ASKS FOR BORED BRAD’S HELP!–Dear Brad Pitt! If you’re so bored, I would love some of your money and fame so I could do something good for myself, my family, my friends and people in need. Thanks!

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