Where Did I Go? A Mom’s Day – Photos Included

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I am not around much these days, and I figured I would let you know why.

I started out early this morning, as I had to get a review/giveaway posted, it was part of the Mom’s Wish List, which I am very excited about.

Then I got my oldest son out the door with his dad, and I started getting the little ones ready. We had a meeting at my oldest son’s school at 9 a.m., and getting two little ones out the door can be pretty hectic. I loaded them both up in the stroller, as I’m still working on getting a stroller board review.

We made it to school in time for the meeting, and I even got to turn my four-year old son’s shoes and shirt around (we call him the backwards boy).

The meeting was with a speech pathologist to redo a test because there apparently were no record of the test he did last year with a translator. It would take more than two weeks before a translator could be found and I agreed to come in (with my little ones). It was an interesting test, with a much-needed interruption of a fire drill. I fed the baby 1/4 of a pack of Fig Newtons to keep him quiet, and I felt bad for my oldest son, as he must have had a hard time concentrating with his brothers around.

By the time we were done it was past 11 a.m., and there was no point in going back home, as we usually leave at 11:30 a.m for my four-year-old’s school starts at 1 p.m., at the local college.

We stopped to get a slice of pizza, made a quick stop by the lake and then we had our lunch at the play ground. At 1 p.m.


I dropped off my four-year-old, then I went next door to the library to respond to the most urgent emails from pr reps.

Below you see our awesome college library.


It took me less than five minutes, and I was off again. This time I returned to my oldest son’s school, as he was out at 2 p.m. I got there early, and the baby was napping, so I read some of the latest book that I am doing a book review giveaway for.

When my son got out, we returned to the college campus, where we spent time doing my oldest son favorite activity these days – observing the ducks, turtles and birds by the college lake.




The little one loves this too, although I think he prefers running around in the covered playground. We did spelling words for the first time, and my son will now be doing them on the computer with the SpellQuizzer. (If’ you’d like one check out my giveaway).

I tried to get a photo for one of my upcoming reviews, but the birds could not leave me alone.


My four-year-old was out at 4 p.m., and fortunately my husband now comes to pick us up every day saving us a 2.5 mile walk. When I got time it was time to get dinner on the table, check the email, dance with the kids etc. Once they get to bed, it is time for to write the next review, fold some clothes, wash the floors and maybe…just maybe get some rest to recharge.

The temperatures have come down a bit, so the 5,5 miles that I walked today were actually quite pleasant, and it is no longer a horrible humid experience. Each one of my kids actually get semi alone time with me due to their conflicting schedules, and I think that it is actually a blessing in disguise.

I don’t know how full-time working moms do it. I remember being one, but not while I’ve had three kids. I applaud all working moms (and SAHMs) that’s for sure!

So how is your back-to-school time, are you more stressed or less?

Have you had to cut down on your gather time?

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