Where do I keep my books? Everywhere.

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In her recent article Confession Time: Where Do You Keep Your Books?, Vicky D. asked readers to “Please write an article to the group and let us know where and how you keep your books.”

Rather than write about where I keep my books, I’ll show you.

Many of our books are in the basement. It’s not the ideal place for them, but we hope some day to improve the basement and make it a nicer place for our books. We attempted to get a humidifier last year to cut down on moisture but the day we decided to buy it was shortly after the city had experienced widespead flooding and there were no humidifers anywhere. The basement would also be a much nicer place if I ever got around to organizing and unpacking the many boxes that remain from my move here 2 1/2 years ago.

Here’s one shelf, with some of the books that I unpacked.

Here’s another shelf. After this, the cookbooks, and a few others, I pretty much got bored of unpacking. Marilee, there’s a Book of Mormon in there, right next to The Joys of Yiddish.

Here’s one of his shelves. In front of it are some of the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Dana Girls books I had as a child.

Here’s the top of the next group of shelves. These are all his books.

Here’s the bottom half. Also his.

More of his.



He says “WFF N’ PROOF” is some sort of math game. I opened it and there was a bunch of disintegrated foam and a lot of dice.

We really could do a better job organizing and utilizing our book spaces. That’s a project for another time, though.

I still have boxes and boxes to unpack. I gave away about 10 boxes of books before moving. Here’s some of the boxes of books I still haven’t unpacked. As you can see on the bottom right, I still have vinyl record albums. I haven’t unpacked those either. There are several boxes worth.

I also have a large collection of children’s books.

I haven’t read either of these books.

In the living room, there’s a 1920’s secretary. Here’s some of the books on some of the shelves. There’s books on the other shelves, too, but there’s also a lot of clutter I don’t want to show. I have a Found! book–I think I saw some discussion of the Found! website on Gather recently.


Here are some of the cookbooks, above the stove.

Here are a few from the Weird Cookbook Collection. I don’t know where the rest are. I couldn’t find my Prunes for Epicures cookbook.

These are not books but I wanted to show off the shelf I built for our CDs. There is a window behind it but the building next door put up an addition about 4 inches from the window, making it completely useless. The CDs cover up the ugly vinyl siding view nicely.

In the bedroom. The pile next to his side of the bed. It fills the nightstand and then some.

The pile under my nightstand.

The built-in shelves in the bedroom. These could stand to be tidied up and organized. Most of these are his. On the second shelf, Charles Theissen’s book tells us that he loves us.

In the spare bedroom, the nicest bookshelf in the house awaits more unpacked or reorganized books. For now, it houses some books I read or re-read a couple of years ago (including a re-read of the Little House series) and some books I haven’t read yet.

The office is full of his books. Here are a bunch of journals. Most are Mathematics and History and Philosophy of Science journals. There’s a dissertation there, too.

More History and Philosophy of Science and Mathematics stuff. The chances of me ever reading any of these books (and understanding them) is pretty slim. This is also where we keep our collection of messed up Apple laptop power supplies.

Here is his cookbook collection.


Well, that’s it for now.  Now you know a lot more about me than I wanted you to and I realize I have a lot of work to do to get things organized.

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