Where Is Carrie Olson?

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Carrie Olson, 29, of Davenport, Iowa is missing, with the circumstances being fairly suspicious. She was last seen on a video surveillance camera around 4 p.m. on December 28, getting gas at a 7-11 in Rock Island, IL, which is just a 4-minute drive from Davenport. Oddly enough, a man was seen gassing up her car around 6:30 a.m. on December 29, but she was not in the car. This man has been identified as Tim McVay, a friend who borrowed her car. On the day she disappeared. And didn’t return it for almost a week. Because he was in Las Vegas.

Carrie’s father, Dave, who also works with her at Dave’s Flooring Trends, believes there is some kind of foul play involved, saying, “She hasn’t used her credit card recently. She has to eat, and she hasn’t used her phone, and so she’s in trouble somewhere.”

Carrie is 5’6″-5’10” tall, weighing between 170 and 200 pounds. She has green eyes and brown hair, with blonde highlights. She may have just gotten her nails done, as that’s what she told her father she was doing, prior to her disappearance. She was last seen wearing an Iowa Hawkeyes sweatshirt.

Where is Carrie? Are the suspicious circumstances surrounding her disappearance just coincidence or is there genuine cause for concern? Is Tim McVay somehow involved? There are so many questions that remain unanswered, as her family and friends search for her. Hopefully there will soon be some answers.

Photo credit: Find Carrie Olson Facebook Page

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