Where ‘Jane by Design’ Would Have Gone in Season 2

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Jane by Design may have been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean creator April Blair and her writing staff hadn’t already thought of where a second season might take Jane (Erica Dasher) and crew.

Blair sat down with HollywoodLife.com to map out where the second season would have gone, and it looks like it would have been a fun season.

India (India de Beaufort) and Jeremy (Rowly Dennis) would have gone forward with their relationship, but the course of their love never did run smooth and a second season would have not been any different, not when they would have been competitors once Jeremy set up his own fashion line.

Ben (David Clayton Rogers) and Rita (Smith Cho) would have had a real, grown up relationship complete with proposal. That doesn’t mean that Rita’s challenges with Amanda (Briga Heelan) would have been over, because, yes, Amanda was set to return. She would have gotten a man and carried her mean girl competitiveness with Rita by trying to one up Rita as part of a couple.


As for Jane, Gray (Andie McDowell) and Eli (Bryan Dechart) wound up at the play when Amanda dropped off tickets and Carter (Se’Darius Blain) left them on Gray’s desk, mistakenly believing they were the tickets to the benefit Gray was supposed to attend. According to Blair, Eli would have saved the day. During the play, it became obvious that Eli recognized the costumes, having worked on them all day with Carter and Jane. So by the time he and Gray “met” the designer, Eli would apparently have come up with something to explain it all to Gray’s satisfaction. Which means that someone in Jane’s other life would have known what was going on and maybe helped cover for her when her two lives collided. Where would the knowledge left their fledgling relationship?


Well, aside from the fact that Eli had already told Jane that he had hooked up with someone, that someone being India (India de Beaufort), and the fact that she is still in high school, the second season would have stopped with the teasing and had Jane and Billy (Nick Roux) finally revealing to each other how they feel.

Sadly, ABC Family decided to drop the series from their line up and so we won’t see any of this come to fruition. There also doesn’t seem to be any inclination to make a made for tv movie, so fans will have to be satisfied with this sneak peak to what might have been.

You can read the entire interview here.

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