Where the Sea Meets the Land ~ William’s Inlet, Denmark

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While Magi and I were exploring the Southwest last week we happened upon one of the most magical places…..Ocean Beach, Denmark.  It was really quite interesting how we discovered this place.  Mag wanted to show me the little town of Denmark….a small hamlet on a lazy, winding river.  After having a big breakfast at a local cafe, we explored the river park.  Magi kept telling me this place was a tourist haven in the summertime and I just couldn’t believe why anyone would make this sleepy little town a destination.  Sure, the river was  pretty…..the karri trees nice….but there must be something more.









Breakfast first…..




Big cup of coffee to keep Magi going!  (Hey Zach…..this barrista could make pretty pictures in the coffee too. I took this picture for you!)

“By any chance, Mag, does Denmark look out on the sea” I queried.

“Yes, but it’s not really a swimming beach….but if you want, we’ll take a ride down to the coast.  It’s about 7 km.  But you know, you want to go to the Tree-Top Walk….”.

“Let’s go to the coast first.  We can pick up supplies in the town first…”










And so we headed to the ocean…..and I’m so glad we did.  Come along and see one of my favorite places on the trip.























Amazing limestone formations.



I’ve never seen seaweed so green.



A shadow in the sand.


A truly magical place…..but all too soon we had to leave….our next stop….where the land meets the sky…..the Tree-Top Walk.http://media-files.gather.com/images/d533/d1/d746/d224/d96/f3/full.jpg

One last look…..                                                All photos by Magi and Bob

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