Where to Find Gas in New Jersey; Hurricane Sandy Leaves Resident Stranded

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Wondering where to find gas in New Jersey? That feeling is shared across the state of New Jersey as residents are left stranded by Hurricane Sandy. Not only has the power been out across most of the Garden State, but gas is short and lines for gas stations are very, very long.

While generators and power outages are thought to be behind the gas shortage, the real problem lurks with the transportation of the supply from where it is being held. NBCNews reports that a main terminal by Linden, N.J. was flooded and lost its power after a severe storm surge. Without power tanker trucks cannot get gas out of their holding tanks, therefore leaving most of northern New Jersey high and dry.

Sal Risalvato, executive director of the N.J. Gasoline, Convenience, Automotive Association said nearly 75 percent of the gas stations in New Jersey were closed due to having no gas, no power or both. PSE&G, however, is primarily working on the critical substations that supply gas to the affected areas.

Experts and emergency officials are urging motorists to conserve gas and stay home if possible. As for generators, don’t be selfish. Run generators as needed and not for the television and dishwasher. There is no need to drive around looking at the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy — it is all on the news and online documented in photos. Where is there gas in New Jersey? It is at the very busy gas stations where drivers will have to wait over 3 hours and in the holding tanks that are flooded in Union County. Stay home and enjoy the family, there will be plenty of traffic to sit in once the holidays are here.

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