Where Were You When the News of Di's Death Reached You?

It was 10 years ago this summer that Princess Diana was killed.

I've been asking around, wondering if people could recall exactly where they were the moment they found out about Princess Diana's tragic death. My coworker Matt was strolling past the People's Food Co-Op in downtown Ann Arbor when he saw a headline that read "Diana Killed in Car Crash" above an image of a crumpled Mercedes. It stopped him in his tracks.

 Another coworker, Shannon, was coming home from a jazz festival downtown. She walked in her front door, and the TV was on. She heard about the accident and that Diana's condition was grave; minutes later, she found out that Princess Diana had died. "It was sad — tragic, really — because I thought she was such an amazing public figure."

 Can you recall where you were? What you were doing? Your reaction?


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