Where’s My iPhone!? Locating Your iPhone When You Forgot Where You Left It.

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With all the hubbub in the news about the new iPhone 4, I thought I would take this opportunity to remind people to protect their new investment.

iPhone’s represent the world to many people; they worry about their iPhone as if their iPhone is a newly adopted child, caress them as if they are fragile kittens.

Once in while, people get distracted, forget that their phone is sitting beside their water glass on a coffeeshop table, and head off for bright shiny objects.

Later, panic sets in as the iPhone’s lack of presence is noted, sweat coats the brow, the heart races off the chart. Now what?

Well, if you didn’t think ahead, someone is now the proud owner of a free iPhone. In that case, and the iPhone is really important to you, then do this. Hopefully, when you registered your iPhone, you made a note of the iPhone’s Unique Device ID (UDID), and the serial number. You will need the information when you fill out the police report. When you visit your local AT&T store to ask them to help you locate your iPhone, you will need to provide them your police report. Good luck on that.

If you did consider the loss or misplaced iPhone, then you probably installed an iPhone app to help you find/map the location of your iPhone. One such app is MobileMe. MobileMe, available from the Apple iStore, allows you to track down a misplaced iPhone using an online mapping application. If your iPhone has fallen into enemy hands you have the ability to remotely lock your iPhone. MobileMe allows you to synchronize your email, calendar, and contact list with your iPad and computer, as well.

Do yourself a favor and find yourself an iPhone app that will help you track down your iPhone. Or, Droid, for that matter.

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