‘Where’s The Beef’? Wendy’s Brings Back Catchphrase for New Burger

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Wendy’s is once again asking “Where’s The Beef?” The company is using its 1984 catchphrase to market its new brand new sandwich line called Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburgers.

'Where's The Beef'? Wendy's Brings Back Catchphrase for Dave's Hot 'N JuicyPart of the original 1984 commercial featuring Clara Peller yelling “Where’s The Beef?” actually started running throughout the U.S. on Sunday. Will this nostalgic reminder of years gone by get people to come back to eat at Wendy’s and sample their dramatically revamped hamburger? The group plans to have “the best hamburgers in the business.” Have the reached this achievement with the new burger rollout?

Ultimately, Wendy’s is declaring “Here’s The Beef.” Do you believe it? Are you going to go try a new Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy? While change is often hard, sometimes it really is for the best. Considering the struggles that the burger chain founded by the late R. David Thomas has experienced since his death, it may be just the kick the restaurant needs.

Check out the original 1984 commercial from Wendy’s asking “Where’s The Beef?” in the video below. Hopefully this new cheeseburger finally puts the question to rest.

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