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Holy week has been one hectic week here in the Dougherty household:

Palm Sunday we were off to church.  Choir was singing, we don’t sing every week, but we do seem to sing a lot during holy week.  After church it was home to grab a quick lunch and run off to work.

Sundays are usually our busiest days at work as well, and this one was no different, especially as we are making our “Spring Egg Creatures” this week.  Nearly 50 kids and helping them all make their craft.

Monday meant work – Tuesday work again.  Tuesday was Callisto’s last day of school before Easter break and Sean’s dad and step mom arrived.  Sean made a wonderful turkey dinner that night for us all.

Wednesday I was off to work as usual.  We had turkey soup for dinner then went next door to Sean’s brother’s so that we could all watch him on Car Warriors.  It was interesting watching the show and getting all the behind the scenes information during the commercials.

Thursday I was off.  Up to take Sean into get his feeding tube out.  More soups for lunch and dinner.  I made a home made cream of asparagus soup with our left over veggies from Tuesday night’s dinner.  We had church at 7pm and choir was singing once more.

Friday – today – I work and we have church again this evening.  Choir is not singing, but Sean is assisting tonight.  Sean’s dad and step mom will be heading home today.

I work Saturday, but other than that it shouldn’t be to much.

Easter Sunday.  The store is closed so no work :)  It will be church in the morning, choir is singing and Sean is assisting.  Then home for our Easter dinner.

Plus, in the midst of all this I have been participating in NaPoWriMo and Mindful Poetry’s contest for National Poetry Month.

I may just crash after church on Sunday.



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