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I am a sovereign spirit of my universe

 of unconditional Love, Light, Peace,

 Joy, Compassion and Forgiveness


Instability bounces in the milkshake of social brew

Big government creating smish-smash splatters

Like a giant octopus in a selfish feeding frenzy


“I’ve gott’a wash your brain into thinking

 that you need me

“cause I sure need more and more of your money

 to keep growing

and your representatives, Ha!

Need more vacation houses”


Awash in the web of deceit, we take it (we’re such good sheep)

Seems, Icelanders have more guts than Americans(they have arrested the evil and changed their system.)

Loyalty and patriotism can be used against you to follow BLINDLY the controllers

Just as the plan for New World Order is for control

You do not live in a Democracy any more…see Plutocracy


You may not be ready to see or accept this knowledge because of prejudices and manipulation




Billions of stars (planets), billions of Galaxies

And you think we are the only civilization?

You are here to learn of great cosmic and spiritual “secrets” and to advance beyond our present “ignorance”

They are only secrets

1.  Because governments don’t think you can handle the truth 2. Because most people are either too lazy or too closed minded to do research and learn the truth 3. Religion and government control and International Bankers want to retain control of your minds and money.

We can be like the ostrich and keep our heads in the sand and get our rears kicked or take responsibility for our lives and create and realize the magnificence of the Creator within us.

We are on the precipice of change…we can choose slavery or freedom.


There will be mass arrests of past and present “authorities” that have committed atrocities in our government; the arrests will be backed by our Pentagon in the next two weeks. This is the beginning of putting our government in line with our Constitution. The DARK CABAL IS GOING DOWN!!

the following is an interview with a retired officer, Drake, a spokesman for the new freedom movement @ ANMILITIA


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