White baby born to Black parents! This is quite the shocker! [photo]

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Two African American parents gave birth to a white baby. The baby is white with bleach blond hair and her parents, both being black said that as far as they know they have not ever had any white family members in their history. When the parents first saw the baby they just stared at her for a second in amazement.

Ben, dad, 44 said that the first thing that actually came out of his mouth was “What the flip?” Then he added that he knows the baby girl is his, but then asked again, “Is she mine?” Angela, mom, 35 said, “She’s beautiful -miracle baby.”

That would definitely be a very shocking surprise to see that you are one race and your infant that you just gave birth to was a whole other race. But, I would still love that baby with all that I have, because it is still my child.

Professor Bryan Sykes from Oxford University said: “All skin and eye color are controlled by the pigment melanin. And there are about a dozen genes that control the amount or type of melanin. Even if there have been convergence of a pale version of the parents’ genes, there would have to be some form of white ancestry on both sides for this baby to look this way. It is more likely that there has been some other mutation that’s happened to produce this coloring.”

The lovely couple named the beautiful blond baby Nmachi, which means “Beauty of God” in the couples homeland of Nigeria.

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White baby born to black parents

White baby, black parents, could be a miracle. Black British parents had a baby that was born white with blonde hair and blue eyes.

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