White Castle Dave Rife Crushed on Undercover Boss

CBS’s Undercover Boss was on Sunday night. This episode featured White Castle Owner Dave Rife, who is the great-grandson of the founder. In this episode of Undercover Boss White Castle ownder Dave Rife went undercover at various White Castle restaurants as well as their factories to see what should be improved in the 88 year old company.

Dave Rife was somewhat overwhelmed during his stint as an Undercover Boss. If you’ve ever eaten at White Castle, you know that it’s tough to stop at, two, three, four, five, six, and more. So many White Castle burgers may actually be a bad thing.

Rife started in a White Castle in Hamilton, Ohio. In this store, Rife discovered that there are too many employees and managers on the shift, so the staff was confused. Next, Dave Rife went to a bakery in Wisconsin, and he had a lot of issues trying to bag  the White Castle buns. In fact, he destroyed 4800 of them. In Covington, Kentucky, Rife found out that the restaurant’s security cameras watches the employees’ every move. Assistant General Manager, Tina told Rife that she is scared she will get fired if strict food making procedures are not followed. Dave Rife also found out how tough the night shift is, and he screwed up lots of drive-through orders.

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