‘White Collar’ Season 4 Episode 5 ‘Honor Among Thieves’ Preview: An Exchange of Thefts

White Collar season 4 continues in two weeks with episode 5, “Honor Among Thieves.” Peter’s back where he belongs, but is his first official case back going to involve Neal in some way?

Season 4 Episode 5 “Honor Among Thieves” Promo

“An alluring female art thief makes Neal an offer in exchange for important information about his past. But, to take her up on the Hitchcockian deal, Neal must steal a valuable piece of art from under the nose of Peter and the FBI.”

Tim DeKay, Matt Bomer & Jeff EastinThe last episode ended with Neal finding the police at Ellen’s and EMTs wheeling her out on a stretcher. However, as the White Collar season 4 episode 5 promo for “Honor Among Thieves” (below) confirms, she doesn’t make it. Peter tells Neal they’ll find out who’s responsible, and that’s something for which Neal will do whatever it takes. It may take him stealing something for a thief who promises to steal something in return for him. Can she be trusted? The likely answer is no, and something’s going to happen before the end of the episode.

The thief gives him a piece of paper from the Marshal Service about Ellen. Neal’s not stupid, and he asks if she’s blackmailing him. She claims they’ll both get what they want, but what’s the twist? There has to be one. The promo does end with Peter saying they’ll take both down after the exchange. Is it all a set-up? Did Neal and Peter plan this? Will Peter take down Neal so he doesn’t blow his cover? However it goes down, hopefully Neal gets some answers this episode.

What do you thin of the White Collar season 4 episode 5 preview of “Honor Among Thieves”?

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