‘White Collar’ Season 4 Preview: Who’s After Neal, What’s Going on with Peter

White Collar season 4 premieres on USA Network this summer on July 10, and Tuesdays at 9 p.m. are going to be pretty exciting. After all, season 3 ended with Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) on the run, and there are plenty of questions about him that need answers. What does season 4 have in store for fans?

Season 4 Promo

Tim DeKay, Matt Bomer & Jeff EastinMekhi Phifer will be joining the USA series for a couple of episodes as FBI agent Kyle Collins, and it’s up to him to hunt Neal down. TV Guide has a new promo out (below) which offers a quick reminder of what happened at the end of last season and shows some new scenes from this summer’s episodes.

The White Collar season 4 promo begins by reminding fans that Neal cut his ankle monitor and left New York behind. So where does that leave Peter? Not only does he say that he gave Neal the signal to run, but he also ends up being put on leave. The end of the preview does show Peter saying he’s going “to cross a line,” and it looks like he could end up being someone who gets in Kyle’s way of finding Neal—which he is determined to do. While Peter’s worried about Neal (“If anything were to happen to him, I don’t think I could live with it”), Neal is very practical: “You’re an FBI agent. I’m a con man. There are only a few ways this could have ended.”

How long will it take before Neal’s back in New York? What exactly is going on when he’s facing a gun in what looks like a jail cell (and looking pretty scruffy)? How much more about Neal will they reveal in the beginning of season 4? It looks like it’s going to be another exciting season and one fans are going to be talking about. After all, doesn’t having the series back just make summer so much better?

What do you think of the White Collar season 4 preview?

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