White House Official Full of Crazy Lies

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Oh, that nutty White House! Benghazi? No biggie! As long as the important stuff gets out. Stuff that voters need to know! This particular one is shocking, did you know that if Mitt Romney wins the election, people with disabilities are going to be ‘absolutely killed’? Should have known, that Romney, he totally hates those disabled people! As if that wasn’t bad enough, the LGBT community will lose all their rights, too. Minorities? They will no longer have the same opportunities in America. Good thing this all came out before the election!

Kareem Dale is the associate director for the White House Office of Public Engagement and as a Special Assistant to the President for Disability Policy. The Office of Public Engagement is Valerie Jarrett territory, described as “the embodiment of the President’s goal of making government inclusive, transparent, accountable and responsible”. Uh, shouldn’t they be busy with that little Benghazi thing? Oh, well. So, Dale is the guy who informed a group of Obama for America phone bank volunteers about all of these awful things Romney is intending to do if he gets elected next week. The group was gathered last night in DC at the Democratic National Committee headquarters listening to Dale give a pre-calls pep talk.

Dale was telling the group about President Obama’s healthcare stance compared to Romney’s. He said that Obama would “protect” disabled people and that “people with disabilities are going to be absolutely killed under Mitt Romney’s plan.” He added the comments about minorities and gays losing rights and then brought up Romney’s “47 percent” comment. He said he was one of the 47 percent and he’d “be damned if were going to let somebody who does not care about me or other people like me get into office. It’s not gonna happen.”

PhotobucketIf Romney somehow pulls this off, does Chicago-native Dale really think the American public will suddenly see minorities rights ripped away from them? Gays and lesbians suddenly unable to get a job because Romney single-handedly changes all federal and state laws protecting them? He doesn’t think much of the citizens of this country if he believes they would tolerate minorities rights stripped away and multitudes of disabled people dying in the streets! No doubt, Romney would stop Obamacare, but he would also work to put the states in charge of their populations care, where it is supposed to be.

Tons of people will be getting the last minute, annoying-as-hell political phone calls over the weekend. But just think, pleasant evenings of television, free from “I’m Barack Obama/Mitt Romney and I approve this message” commercials are just over the horizon. Mr. Dale might miss all of the election hoopla though. He was pretty excited when he finished his remarks with the same class and finesse you’ve come to expect from this administration. He said, “The work you do is incredibly important, lets win this motherfu**er!”

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