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November 2010, unseasonal snow in 2010

Dorothy in November 2010

The last couple of weeks of March were, on the whole, like early summer. The skies were blue from dawn to dusk, there wasn’t a spot of rain anywhere and old farts like me were wearing shorts instead of trousers, and enjoying the feel of sun and breeze on their legs. And because I’m a seeker after comfort and therefore favour the shorter shorts to more modern capacious ones, I probably scared a few little old ladies out of their wits. I’ve never been actually describable as a fashion icon and invariably lag years behind the rest of mankind when it comes to clothing styles. But I reckon what goes around comes around, and there’s a fair chance that I’m not only behind the trends but in front of them too. But that’s enough about me and my knobbly knees. This is meant to be about the weather and Easter holidays.

March 10, 2012, First wearing of shorts this year!

Me with my knobbly knees a couple of weeks ago

March is well over by now and as I sit here tapping away on my laptop I can see the almost beautiful serenity of snowflakes drifting past our window, not settling as yet, true, but maybe they will. The temperature’s a mind-warping 3º c outside, and the recent foretaste of summer is far, far away, maybe somewhere near the equator.

So tomorrow we’re off in the caravan on holiday. There may be the residues of today’s snow on the ground, there may be a chill in the air, but we’re off to a farm in Lincolnshire for ten days, where we may enjoy further snowy delights according to my I-pod’s weather app..

It’s that time of year. It’s always been unpredictable in this country, the weather ranging from that of the depths of a chilly winter to the glowing warmth of early summer, and we never seem to get used to it.

In November 2010, not a great deal more than a year and a quarter ago, there were feet of snow lying on the ground after a couple of heavy days of really unseasonal wintry weather, and everyone nodded their heads together and said how unusual it was, snow before Christmas, snow in November even. It almost never happens! But in 2010 it did.

November 2010, Unseasonal snow in 2010

Car and Caravan covered in snow in November 2010

Move on to 2011, and in November the odd flake drifted down, sultry, teasingly, not settling on the ground or anything like that. The odd flake came and the odd flake went and you were fortunate indeed if you caught sight of one of them. But I overheard a couple of ladies at the bus stop, ladies of an age that would indicate they ought to have known a great deal better, talking as if the previous year was to be repeated, and the world be cloaked in a couple of feet of snow again. Of course it wasn’t! They must have known. Experience must have taught them, but from their conversation you would have sworn it hadn’t.

But it’s April now and snow isn’t at all unusual in April. Neither’s summery sun. In the UK we can get all four seasons in a week in April! Barring Autumn, of course: that would, indeed, be a virtual impossibility! Falling leaves in April: I’ve never witnessed such a thing.

But holidays can’t be put on hold because of a few flakes of snow! So tomorrow we’re off in the caravan (unless, of course, there are several feet of the white stuff before then, and the road’s impassable).

And just in case I’ll be taking a pair of shorts with me, and a summery t-shirt, along with more sensible stuff!

And to make sure we keep in touch we’ll be taking the broadband dongle as well.


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