Whitman’s Whopper: Can She Be Believed? (video)

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Meg Whitman’s campaign to be the next governor of California has hit a major pothole with the revelation that Whitman’s former housekeeper is an undocumented immigrant. Whitman, the former CEO of eBay, Inc. claims she had no idea of her housekeeper’s status until she was told about it in June 2009; nine years after the woman first started working for her.

It’s hard to see an upside to this story for Whitman, as she is being gored on the horns of a delicious dilemma. On one hand, Whitman has already called during her campaign for stiffer penalties against those employers who hire illegal immigrants; perhaps to combat questions in the Republican primary about her perceived softness on this issue. Simultaneously, she has aggressively sought the backing of Latino voters in California because they are a vital part of the electorate. In 2009, Latinos were 37% of the population of California, compared to 16% of the entire nation; which clearly indicates that Latinos are an important constituency for any California politician to win over.

Whitman’s current dilemma can’t help but inspire schadenfreude and glee for her troubles, her campaign has taken an entirely opportunistic position on the immigration issue. Now, she risks alienating those Latino voters who may have been inclined to give her a chance even though they remain skeptical of Republican candidates; or she risks demonstrating softness on this issue that can dampen the enthusiasm and support of her base come election day– and either way she looks like a hypocrite and/or a liar to the electorate in general.

It is hard to believe Whitman’s claims that she had no idea in the nine years her housekeeper worked for her that the woman’s status was undocumented. Evidence is emerging that the Social Security Administration made several attempts to report the discrepancy between the housekeeper’s name and the social security number she was using. But Whitman claims her the housekeeper may have intercepted those letters – all of them. That’s a little too hard to swallow, but if you can believe it, then Meg Whitman could list the Golden Gate Bridge on eBay and you’d bid on it.

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