Whitney Houston Casket Photo Leak Not Funeral Home’s Fault

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How did the photo of Whitney Houston, laying in her casket, get leaked to the National Enquirer? The Newark, NJ funeral home that prepared Houston’s body says that they have a good idea, but that they aren’t saying. They are leaving that up to Whitney’s family.

Whigham Funeral Home director Carolyn Whigham remains completely steadfast in her belief that they had nothing to do with the photo leak. One of the two pastors, Rev. Ronald Slaughter, is quick to defend Whigham and the home:

[They] had no role in this shameful betrayal.

Shameful is right! Letting someone take a photograph of an open casket and sell the picture is quite shameful, but calling it that doesn’t help answer who took the picture in the first place. Who made money off of the dead body of Whitney Houston? Clearly someone here knows the truth, but will they come forward?

Sadly, some individual put their own personal gain ahead of the privacy of Whitney Houston’s family at the time of their grief. Shame on who ever took the image and shame on the National Enquirer for printing the photographs without permission of the family. What has this world come to?

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